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JDE Deployment Server

Deployment Server

1. It is used for Development purposes.
2. It’s a Central Repository for JD Edwards Object code.
3. Deployment Server must be installed on Microsoft Windows.
4. JDEPLAN & DEP Environment can be logged into only from Deployment Server.

Enterprise Server

It's the heart of JD Edwards. Enterprise Server has two different responsibilities in JD Edwards Architecture. Enterprise Server is responsible for the user login process and core logic will be executed in Enterprise Server. Enterprise Server can also be the Security Server , UBE Server, and Logic Server.
If the Enterprise Server is only used for submitting UBEs then it is called the UBE Server. If the Enterprise Server is only used for running the Logic then it is called a Logic Server. As Enterprise Server takes care of the JD Edwards Sign On process it is also called a Security Server.
The Enterprise Server can be Installed on AS400, Linux, and Windows.

JDE Enterprise Server
JDE Application Server

Application Server

JD Edwards web clients can be accessed from a browser because of the Application Server. JD Edwards Application Server can be Installed on an Oracle Weblogic Server or IBM Web Sphere.
JD Edwards Web Server will identify the Enterprise Server and Database Server from Jas.ini and JDBJ.ini respectively.
JD Edwards Application Server can be installed on AS400, Linux, and Windows.

Database Server

Finally JD Edwards related data & the Business Data are stored on the Database. JD Edwards supports Oracle DB, DB2, and SQL Database. JD Edwards will make the connection with the database using the system user defined in P98owsec. This system user will be the Database user in the Database. All other User IDs will also use this system user to make a connection to the database. This user ID is also called a proxy user.
The Database can be installed on AS400, Linux, and Windows.

JDE Database Server
Fat Client

Work Station/Fat Client

JD Edwards Workstation/Fat client will be used by developers, Functional, and CNC admin. The development process will start from the workstation. Check Out ,Get  operations will bring the specification from the Central Repository to the Local Workstation. The Check in operation will modify the specification of Central repository from the Local Specification of the workstation.
JD Edwards Workstation can be installed on Microsoft Windows.

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